Drew P A Smith

In the age of information overload…

“In the age of information overload, the ultimate luxury is meaning and context.”

— Louis Rossetto (1993) 1

I never thought of StudioPhro* as a luxury service, per se.

But I do want working together to feel like you’re being welcomed in to my home.

I want you to be seated comfortably with, perhaps, your favourite tea and biscuits falling easily to hand. We catch up, and we check in with one another. “What’s on your mind?”, I ask.

With an understanding of your context in mind, we might then move to the dining table to sift through what we’ve seen, felt, heard, and tasted. Together, we reconstruct the world we’ve explored, and together we make sense of it and determine what it all means for you.

Restauranteur Danny Meyer says in Setting the Table

“Service is the technical delivery of a product. Hospitality is how the delivery of that product makes its recipient feel.”

Exploring the unknown or the unfamiliar can be an adventure, and sometimes adventures can be unpleasantly scary. I’ve done it enough times now to know how to do it well and by treating you like a guest in my home, rather than a client in my office, hopefully we can create the conditions to go on that adventure together. Then, we can make that adventure an enjoyable one, rather than a scary one.

See also: Elan Miller on his hospitality-inspired approach to building Off-Menu.