Drew P A Smith

What it means to be rich (inspired by Paul Millerd)

To be rich is:

  • to own a comfortable home, just the right size for us, a bub and Bo, and a guest. Three bedrooms would do it. Chris reckons two will be enough.
  • for that home to be connected to water and nature. That could be a pond in a small garden, a creek running through a forest, or even a beautiful view and a park nearby.
  • to eat out a couple of nights a week with Chris. Nothing fancy, but we connect well over meals others have cooked.
  • fresh, high-quality produce at home, because we like to cook.
  • an international trip a year while we still can. 3–4 weeks to make the most of the travel time and cost.
  • Sunday dinners with our family. Roast lamb preferred.
  • rowing on the weekend. Yoga and weights in the morning during the week.
  • time spent out of the city in deep quiet. I feel like I’ll want more and more of this.
  • bringing together good people to share ideas and build community.
  • swimming in the ocean, and lying on the sand in the sun.
  • celebrating and sharing the qualities of good design and maintaining a reverence for its history.
  • sharing my ideas and perspectives with the world to stimulate conversation.
  • being debt-free (and I include mortgages in that).
  • being paid a fair sum for the value that I bring to the people I work with.
  • working with good people, not for indifferent ones.
  • being free to chose whom I work with, when I work, on what I work, and how.
  • having the time to dedicate to my most important relationships.
  • supporting others as they open up to life.
  • dedicating time to my own opening to life.

This post was inspired by Paul Millerd’s most recent newsletter. Go check it out.